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Systems Engineering

Bravura has a distinguished history within the DoD and has established a solid reputation as a Systems Engineering contractor. In this role, we provide analysis and engineering services in a consulting capacity, working closely with the Government’s own engineering staff members to provide flexibility and cost savings for Government projects nationwide.

Bravura provides the Government with comprehensive, iterative technical management processes that include translating operational requirements into configured systems, integrating the technical inputs of the entire design team, managing interfaces, characterizing and managing technical risk, transitioning technology from the technology base into program specific efforts, and verifying that all designs meet operational needs.

We have a robust, methodological, and disciplined approach for the design, development, fabrication, integration, configuration, and test and evaluation of systems and components. Our full-scale Systems Engineering Management Plan has enabled us to develop countless innovative solutions for our Customers, to both mitigate obsolescence on aging legacy systems and deliver the latest and greatest in technological advancements. Our capabilities include rapid prototyping, in-house and outsourced manufacturing through our network of vendor partners, and an in-house Systems Integration Laboratory that serves as a test bed for new solutions.


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