Systems Engineer – Senior

Role: Systems Engineer – Senior

Location: McGhee-Tyson AFB, TN

Education/Certifications: MA/MS (desired)

Years of Experience: 10+

Clearance Level & Investigation: Secret

IA Cert Level (DoD 8570.01): IAM III

Job Description:


  • Responsible for performing high-level systems analysis, evaluation, design, integration, documentation, and implementation of very complex application that require a thorough knowledge of administrative, and technical skills and under the general direction of the government.
  • Directs and participates in all phases of system development with emphasis on planning, analysis, evaluation, integration, testing and acceptance phases (IV&V and DT&E).
  • Applies higher-level business or technical principles and methods to very difficult technical problems to arrive at automated engineering solution.
  • Designs and prepares technical reports and related documentation, and makes charts and graphs to record results.
  • Prepare and deliver quality presentations and briefings as required by the Task Order.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Document current processes or procedures for recurrent day to day tasks where they do not exist.  Recommend and implement Process Improvement (PI) with the concurrence of the government and IAW coordination procedures provided by Customer. Identify areas for improvement through the Integrated Project Teams (IPT) and working groups for consideration and implementation across the enterprise.
  • Coordinate project task development and completion for projects as well as review and technical oversight of developed projects to support the Customer and stakeholders.
  • Provide technical support in IPTs to support functional areas in requirement of development and planning.
  • Provide subject matter expertise and technical support to the Customer network segment of the enterprise network that requires Systems Integration Engineering and Staff Support Services to support programs, projects, initiatives, and transitions that ensure effective design, deployment, and maintenance of the worldwide, fixed-base, high-speed, high-capacity, reliable and secure digital communications infrastructure.
  • Conduct evaluation and analysis of the existing data infrastructure to include LAN topologies, IP addressing plans, optimal positioning of servers and gateways, protocol configuration, device analysis, and determination of appropriate software versions to deploy.
  • Provide onsite integration support and training for the CEDC compute, storage, and network equipment.  Keep current governance, policy, and project resources in-line with the current DOD network architecture strategy.  Review, no less than annually, all current DOD, AF and Customer guidance and ensure the CEDC budgetary goals are in line with the Customer goals.  Draft for approval, review annually, and maintain all policies and procedures address Planning, Programming, Configuration, Sustainment, Integration and Maintenance.  Draft and advise the government lead on annual hardware, software and facility infrastructure budgeting over the FYDP.  Utilize all available DOD, AF, and Customer guidance, the Tier classification system by the Uptime institute, the DOD Reference Architecture, and DoD Enterprise Service Management Framework (DESMF) when formulating policy and procedure.
  • Provide security management services, ensuring adequate security safeguards are provided to prevent deliberate or inadvertent unauthorized disclosure, denial of services, and unauthorized manipulation of information and unauthorized use of the enterprise network.
  • Review and analyze the implementation and migration of new technologies and develop recommendations for supporting the integration of Customer services into an integrated baseline and forward the recommendations to the COR and the government body for review.
  • Provide technical support with regards to requirement analysis planning in support of the migration and integration of current legacy systems.
  • Examine, evaluate, and monitor baseline hardware and software Configuration Items (CI) to support version control.
  • Develop, write, update, revise, maintain and test plans, procedures and reports for IT Systems and computers.
  • Provide technical support in and conducting quality assurance and acceptance testing of IT applications throughout the life cycle.
  • Provide technical support in the fielding of IT Systems by defining the sequence of fielding tasks for planned IT deployments and employments (including activities required to plan, pilot, deploy, test, and handover an IT system).
  • Provide technical integration support for stakeholders (i.e., coordinate with headquarters and installation personnel) within the 50 U.S. states, U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia.
  • Provide technical and operational support to include network administration services, documentation maintenance, and routine system problem identification and correction.
  • Provide Technical, Administrative, Engineering and Integration support for short-term duration projects. Coordinate with Customer agencies and Project Stakeholders.
  • Support the development and submission of the bi-annual Network Engineering (LAN) Project Progress Report; the bi-annual Network Integration Project Progress Report; the quarterly CEDC Project Progress Report; the as-needed System Synchronization Efforts Meeting Minutes; the monthly System Engineering Support Project Progress Report; and the as-needed Risk Analysis/Technical Reports.
  • Attend meetings, conferences, in-progress reviews (IPR) and working groups that are scheduled for the purpose of developing, reviewing, or coordinating IT IPT project related documents, procuring planning hardware/software procurement, software and system fielding.

Job Category: Systems Engineering
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: McGhee-Tyson AFB - TN
Clearance Level: DOD Secret Clearance
Education-Certifications: IAM III MA/MS (desired)
Years of Experience: 10+

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