Congratulations are in order! Our President and CEO, Claudine Adams has risen to the occasion once again, as she has recently been appointed by Aberdeen’s Mayor, Patrick McGrady, to join the Aberdeen Economic Development Commission. The position is truly one to honor, as commission members are dedicated to prioritizing the overall growth and upkeep of their cities.


As a member, Ms. Adams is expected to identify and promote economic development for the city of Aberdeen by supporting and encouraging the growth and retention of existing businesses and industry. Members act as liaisons between the city and other governmental agencies involved with economic development. Duties include reviewing proposed and existing legislative/policy decisions of the Mayor and Council and studying their impact on economic development, recommending financial incentives and/or financing methods that will foster economic advancement, encourage conventions and tourism initiatives that will benefit the city and its surrounding area.


As her first plan of action, Claudine is channeling her efforts towards a new project for the city of Aberdeen that is sure to bring excitement and tourism to the area. As a board member of the Discovery Center Capital Committee, she is contributing to the building of the Discovery Center at Water’s Edge, which according to is a “place where students of all ages experience, create, and play with science and technology. A place where new worlds are discovered, and connections are made.”  

For over 100 years, APG has played a significant role in the development of world-changing technology, and the Discovery Center has plans to add to that legacy. The project is led by the APG Centennial Celebration Association, which hopes that the community welcomes the new center as an upgraded replacement to the US Army Ordnance Museum, that was once housed, and later removed from APG’s property in 2011.  

The project will progress in 3 phases which will cost an approximate 2.7 million dollars to complete; a center with state-of-the-art technology. shares that “exhibits will feature virtual reality and give visitors the opportunity to drive a tank or fly a plane. Other exhibits will explore the history and the future of high-performance computing. In addition to interactive exhibits, the Discovery Center will offer after-school programs, maker spaces, and serve as an anchor for the region’s STEM activities.”  

The implementation of the Discovery Center is currently in phase 1, and as an open advocate for students studying towards careers in the STEM industry, Claudine has already begun her recruitment campaign for other business moguls in the city of Aberdeen who’d be willing to support the cause.  

We are so proud of our President and CEO. She has really made her mark on Aberdeen, and just as the city’s motto goes; she is committed to making our home, your opportunity.

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Briana Harris | Media Specialist