In the state of Maryland committees and advisory
boards are authorized by the Governor and or another principal executive
department. Each committee or advisory board is tasked with the responsibility
of maintaining the details surrounding a specific area of inquiry. Members of
such committees and advisory boards are experts in their given realm, and are
appointed, recommended, or elected into office.
Members are expected to represent their communities by addressing and
solving governmental issues fairly and in a timely manner.

In most
recent days, our President and CEO, Claudine Adams has expanded her community
duties, as she’s agreed to be a voice for us all via her newest role as a
member of the Comptroller’s Business Advisory
Council. According to “It is the responsibility of the
Comptroller’s Office of Maryland to provide the very latest tax and financial
information to residents. In addition, it is incumbent upon every member of
this agency to adhere to the three R’s: treating taxpayers with respect,
ensuring that we are responsive to taxpayer needs, and getting results in a
timely manner.  It is our mandate to provide a transparency to how taxpayer dollars are spent, and what Marylanders get
in return for their hard work. The Comptroller of Maryland and the entire
agency stand at the ready to serve the taxpayers, vendors, and tax
professionals of Maryland.”

Here Ms. Adams will participate in Comptroller Peter Franchot’s
quarterly forum and serves as a collective voice of experience on issues that
affect Maryland’s economy and business climate. Claudine will use all of her years
of business and entrepreneurial knowledge to become a valuable source of ideas
for improving the taxpayer services provided by the Comptroller’s Office.

Let us all congratulate our leader and wish her success in her newfound

Briana Harris | Media Specialist