County Education Foundation has openly made it their mission to make the
quality of education equal for all its students. With the help of public
organizations, local businesses, education institutions and of course the
caring hands of everyday community members; within the past 13 years the
Harford County Education Foundation’s ‘Stuff the Bus’ campaign has worked to collect
thousands of school supplies for students in need of back to school basics. The
donated backpacks, notebooks, pencils, glue, scissors, calculators, USB drives etc.
assisted over 2,000 students last year, and this year Bravura staff volunteered
at the supply store in hopes of helping Harford County reach their goal of
gathering enough supplies to provide for 3,500 students…many of whom are suffering
from poverty and sometimes even homelessness. 


With several collection sites throughout the county, grouping
the materials based on the typical need of each school district has made organization
much simpler. In fact, teachers have even taken advantage of the overflow of donations
and have created the ‘Tools for School Resource Center;’ a centralized place
where educators shop for free for everyday items used to make the classroom a
comfortable environment. For this academic year thus far, the Harford County
Education Foundation has donated upward of $35,000 in school supplies, and
continues to pour into their student scholarship fund, which has already
awarded graduating high school students with nearly $200,000 to date! Harford County
leads by example when showing that there is no better way to invest in your community,
then by supporting the youth and the educators that help mold them into
valuable members of society.

Supply and monetary donations can be made by contacting connect@harfordeducation.org and
by visiting www.harford education.org/donations.

Briana Harris | Media Specialist