Congratulations to our very own Ms. Claudine Adams, who was awarded NMTC’s 2019 Visionary Award! The award celebrates our neighbors, colleagues, family, and friends for their volunteer efforts that help build a STEM-educated workforce and advance technology & innovation.


Every year the award is given to a community role model who significantly contributes to the well-being of science and technology, and its rapidly growing place in society. All nominees demonstrate qualities of enlightenment and sustained leadership.


The award criteria are as follows:

Rising star – people to watch.

  • Demonstrated, in a bold way, the potential to  be an excellent, long-term contributor to building our STEM-educated  workforce or advancing technology & innovation. An individual may only be  awarded the Rising Star Award once.

Innovator – ideas that make a difference

  • Recognizes exceptional personal efforts in  development and implementation of innovative program(s) measurably benefiting  building our STEM-educated workforce or advancing technology & innovation  with the potential for broad positive impact in the community.

Leader – setting the pace for success

  • Acknowledges this individual’s steadfast,  consistent contribution to the building our STEM-educated workforce or  advancing technology & innovation  in a public way while inspiring  others to help in accomplishing shared goals.

Mentor– role models for future generations

  • Illuminates those consistently volunteering  their knowledge, experiences, and wisdom by going above and beyond in using  their personal time and resources simply for the love of stimulating and  inspiring greatness in students, teachers, apprentices, interns or  organization proteges.

Visionary – a community role model in building our  STEM-educated workforce and advancing technology & innovation to benefit  the community, for a remarkable period of time

  • Significant contributions to the well-being of  our total community displayed as above and beyond personal commitment to  building our STEM-educated workforce or advancing technology & innovation  with demonstrated qualities of enlightened leadership to benefit many others,  over a remarkable period of time.

Briana Harris | Media Specialist