Bravura CEO Gives Supporting Speech at ‘Tools for School’ Breakfast Gala

In celebration of the impact community partners and educators
have made, Harford County Education Foundation delivered yet another successful
‘Tools for School’ Breakfast Gala. With school board members and local
organizations present, guests enjoyed live student performances from the
county’s youth chorus and dance teams. A buffet style hot breakfast was served,
and teachers from all levels of grade school were honored for displaying
extraordinary commitment to the betterment of their students. Sponsors, such as
ourselves were most graciously thanked for making generous donations to
students in need, and even our own Claudine Adams stepped up to the podium and used
her platform to encourage others to do the same!


Here members of the Bravura team hold up a line of smiling faces, all representing the children being directly and positively affected by Ms. Adams’ kind contributions. 

Briana Harris | Media Specialist