Web Project Manager

  • Provides oversight for a designated site’s IT team in planning, analysis, design, implementation, and support of web-based e-learning solution that incorporates enterprise-level solutions into a solution based on “best” technologies available.
  • Lead point of contact for work effort under direction of site lead at location.
  • Performs project management tasks associated with work effort for Center of Excellence (CoE) or Proponent School.
  • Supports design of custom modules and web parts for Blackboard application.
  • Interacts with Government and contractor staff to map business processes and develop custom workflows and web parts to implement effective business processes in LLC.
  • Oversees creation and maintenance of web pages and graphics.
  • Interfaces with LLC and school stakeholders for development of strategy for webpages and web-enabled technical solutions in support of training and education.
  • Provide design and implementation of TJAGLCS DL services to support developers and students.
  • Support includes non-courseware specific tasks like webpage and graphics development, training outside of course structure, and improvements to user interface to better organize and present training and educational materials.
  • Coordinate application development associated with leveraging existing framework to include LLC LCMS (Blackboard Learn™) API and building blocks.
  • Works with Senior Systems Architect to oversee requirements analysis, add and modify PHP scripts, new PHP modules, and seaming scripts to tables and queries within databases.
  • Prepares documentation on system and domain operations and creates policies and procedures for Government review and approval.
  • Submits recommendations to Government on system changes and operational procedures needed to increase efficiency as part of process improvement.
  • Coordinates creation and management of LCMS building blocks to extend functionality.
  • Document and provide recommendations to Government on system changes and operational procedures needed to increase efficiency.
  • Oversees construction of custom modules and web parts using Java; development of dynamic mobile applications to enhance learning; and creation of training product graphic / 3D modeling games and simulations in support of program.
  • Plans and manages creation and maintenance of webpages and graphics to ensure friendly User Interface and well-organized materials and pages.
  • Interface with stakeholders for development of webpages and web-enabled technical solutions in support of training and education delivered in residence and online.
  • Develop, modify, update, and manage e-learning portal that integrates JAGC and TJAGLCS training and education products in support of JAGC KM mission.
  • Provide Support to users of online systems and programs associated with TJAGLCS dL Program.
  • Provide limited modifications of new dL, or interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) products and testing for new dL / IMI products for compatibility with existing TJAGLCS lifelong learning systems.
  • Develop and submit recommendations on evolving education and training concepts for continuous IT education and training.
  • Create, program, modify, and maintain games, simulations, and mobile applications.
  • Create game and simulations graphics for delivery via web.
  • Create, modify, and maintain web graphics and pages for use with LCMS to enhance UI, organize courseware and training materials in support of JAGC KM efforts.
  • In support of Liferay capability, design and implement custom page layouts; configure and customize out-of-box applications / portlets; troubleshoot and resolve issues with Liferay portal; install and test patches provided by Liferay Support; work with individual site owners to ensure applications and patches work correctly; troubleshoot and resolve Liferay portal programming bugs as reported by stakeholders; work with end users to identify and troubleshoot issues associated with Liferay portal and applications; provide documentation and end user training for applications; write documentation that describes installation and operating procedures; perform web application design and development; provide custom portlet design and development; and create rich and interactive web-user experiences within CMS.
  • Must have proficiency with following technologies, including but not limited to: SharePoint, Blackboard Learn™, Adobe Presenter, Sonic Foundry Media Site, Respondus, Adobe Captivate, Camtasia, Defense Connect Online, Defense Collaboration System, Liferay, Lotus Notes, various web-building and graphics software and Army systems to include ATRRS, RITMS and SABA; Sharable content object reference model (SCORM) compliance requirements; and application development software for TJAGLCS (such as, Unity, VBS3).
Job Category: Web Project
Job Type: Full Time
Clearance Level: Secret/Tier 3 (IT Level II)
Education-Certifications: IAT Level II MA/MS Degree (BA/BS Degree accepted with additional years of experience)
Years of Experience: 10+ years (12+ years with BA/DS Degree

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