Theater Senior Logistician (OCONUS)

Role: Theater Sr. Logistician

Location: Kuwait

Education/Certifications: BA/BS or higher; MA/MS in a related field may be substituted for 4 years of experience; additional years of experience may be substituted for higher education

Years of Experience: 10+ years working experience in the Life Cycle Logistics field; an additional 8 years’ experience in a related field may be substituted for education (18+ years total); a Master’s degree or higher in a related field may be substituted for 4 years of experience (6+ years total)

Clearance Level & Investigation: Secret

Job Description:

  • Serve as a resident acquisition logistics and management expert providing analytically based life cycle support recommendations across every phase of system acquisition and life cycle.
  • Assist the Government with developing, reviewing, documenting, and resolving issues pertaining to Integrated Product Support elements such as design interface, sustaining engineering, maintenance, manpower, supply support, training and training support, packaging, handling, storage and transportation, technical data, and facilities.
  • Assist the Government in developing, updating, and reviewing acquisition and logistic documents such as acquisition strategy plans, lifecycle sustainment plans, performance work statements, and item unique identification plans.
  • Support the Government in the development and review of Acquisition logistic documents and provide logistical input in the preparation/writing and coordination of documentation required for program reviews; milestone decisions; program and budget submissions; cost estimates, including program office estimates; cost, schedule, and technical risk evaluations; Office of Management and Budget (OMB) reports; Congressional inquiries; audits; other programmatic documentation, program schedules, information papers, and briefings.
  • Review, analyze, prepare, or update the following types of ILS studies, analyses, and program documentation in the areas of, but not limited to, supply, maintenance, transportation, sustainment engineering, data management, configuration management, manpower, personnel, training, habitability, facilities, computer resources, obsolescence and diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages (DMSMS), survivability, environmental, safety, occupational health, protection of critical program information (CPI), anti-tamper provisions, and information technology.
  • Support the Government in identifying and developing logistic budget requirements such as transportation, training, manpower, parts, maintenance, care of supplies in storage and postproduction software support in support of program objective memorandums.
  • Assist the Government in planning, documenting, and coordinating material release/type classification of systems IAW AR 770-3.
  • Provide input and recommendations using the logistics management information tools for analysis product assurance, asset visibility, and manufacturing data (e.g., Logistics Management Program (LMP), RAID Contractor Logistics Support (CLS), Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS), Catalog Ordering Logistics Tracking System (COLTS), RepairData, and other Government utilized approved databases); must be knowledgeable of supply requirements and assists in supply support for production, overhaul, repair, or other operations for items requiring special handling.
  • Maintain and file all supporting documents to the property book.
  • Track and manage OCONUS equipment utilizing Government approved Accountable Property System of Records (APSR) such as DPAS, LMP, COLTS, RepairData, and RAID CLS.
  • Assist the Government in inputting and maintaining in Government approved APSRs to account for all assets.
  • Assist the Government in conducting property inventories and preparing hand receipts for Government approval.
  • Assist the Government in support functions to include monitoring, coordinating, editing, and processing of requisitions and material release orders for OCONUS operations; updating associated tracking systems; furnishing supply status; identifying and resolving system problems; receiving, reviewing, processing and coordinating excess reports and listings; and providing associated technical and logistics studies/reports.
  • Monitor the systems inventory utilizing a Government approved APSR and make recommendations for item procurement and disposition.
  • Identify and manage parts and supplies to include spares, repair parts, and consumables necessary to establish or maintain equipment and replenish stocks used to operate, maintain, and repair Program Offices’ equipment.
  • Perform spare and repair parts determinations.
  • Annotate disposed equipment and materials in accordance with AR 710-2, Chapter 2 and DA PAM 710-2-1, Chapter 3 on a DD Form 1149, Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document, or DD Form 1348, DoD Single Line Item Requisition System Document.
  • Plan the disposal of equipment and materials to an approved disposition location and provide a turn in receipt copy to the Government.
  • Assist the Government with coordination with DoD depot facilities to work deport core logistics and Public Private Partnership requirements for systems.
  • Assist the Government in conducting core depot assessments of depot capacities and support developing requests for facility space, equipment, and organization requirements.
  • Assist the Government with the management of the Program Offices’ provisioning technical data using the Government-approved software application such as Power Log-J and loading provisioning data to the Government-approved program such as the Army’s Logistics Modernization Program.
  • Support the Government in the validation and verification of program of instructions, TMs, and TM supplements, including reviewing validation and verification plans.
  • Review TMs to ensure accuracy, clarity, completeness, and correct media format and compliance with technical and Government standards (e.g., MIL-STD 40051-2C, MILHDBK 1222F, MIL-PRF 63002L and MIL-PRF 32216A).
  • Monitor changes relevant to the product baseline and ensure updates are provided to the Government technical writer and incorporated into TMs.
  • Develop and update supportability analysis such as level of repair analysis, core logistics analysis, core depot assessment, performance-based logistics, analysis of alternatives and sensitivity analysis.
  • Provide input for core depot assessments, business case analysis (BCA), and cost benefit analysis (CBA).
  • Utilize program of instruction materials to provide input and processing of Training and Doctrine Command approved training packages.
  • Assist the Government in reviewing third-party training programs of instruction for platforms, systems, subsystems and/or critical items.
  • Assist the Government in developing training certification levels and monitor personnel training progress.
  • Assist the Government by coordinating test and training events with outside organizations.
  • Review, analyze, prepare, or update fielding support studies, analyses, and program documentation, including.
    • Fielding plans and fielding schedules; management approaches to fielding aerostats; components to be fielded; actions to be accomplished by Government, support agencies, production contractor, and other commands and agencies involved with the fielding of Aerostat systems.
    • Site surveys at selected installations scheduled to receive new or upgraded aerostats, including preparation and update of the site design, drawings, and site survey report; make recommendations on equipment selection and prepare associated bill of materials for the installation and provide a site survey report no later than 10 business days following conclusion of site survey.
    • Identification of actual or potential problems with recommendations for viable alternative solutions.
    • Review and analyze preliminary site survey reports utilizing applicable DoD Manuals, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Manuals, or AR(s), and guides, for the following content:
      • Sensor and component requirements to update the equipment Basis of Issue Plans (BOIP) for each military installation, broken down by equipment type and quantities by facility; update the BOIP based upon the information extracted from these surveys and reviews.
      • Local civil engineering support required for each specified facility in terms of type and quantities of conduit and installation wire, communications lines, and construction or facility modifications.
      • Impact of Aerostat installation on the remainder of the military installation’s security program; recommend corrective courses of action when the security program’s effectiveness is adversely affected by the Aerostat installation.
    • Site survey validation reports and associated site-specific designs to control quality of the final placement of the correct types of sensors and to ensure that the final drawings and documents show the location of all communications lines and installation wiring.
  • Observe site acceptance testing (SAT) of Aerostat equipment performed by Contractors onsite at locations CONUS or OCONUS, record results using Government approved test reports and test procedures, and report results to Government.


  • 10 or more years working experience in the Life Cycle Logistics field
  • Familiarity with Defense Acquisition
  • BA/BS or higher
  • An additional 8 years’ experience in a related field may be substituted for education.
  • A Master’s degree or higher in a related field may be substituted for 4 years of experience

Job Category: Logistics
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Kuwait OCONUS
Clearance Level: DOD Secret Clearance
Education-Certifications: Additional years of experience may sub for degree BA/BS MA/MS (may sub for years of experience)
Years of Experience: 10+ (with BA/BS) 18+ (without degree) 6+ (with MA/MS)
Source Selection: SETA

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