Software Engineer Associate (Lead)

Role: Software Engineer Associate (Lead)

Location: Carlisle Barracks, PA

Education/Certifications: Assoc or Tech degree preferred (not required); Minimum HS Diploma or GED; Relevant Web/Application Certifications

Years of Experience: At least 4 years of relevant work experience

Clearance Level & Investigation: Interim Secret (requires U.S. citizenship)

IA Cert Level (DoD 8570.01): IAT 2

Computing Environment Certifications: Relevant Web/Application Certifications

Job Description:

  • Manage, plan, and oversee application/web database support.
  • Develop and maintain web pages.
  • Must be proficient in web development/design software applications and content management techniques such as ColdFusion Application Server Admin, MS Internet Information Server, .Net, SharePoint Portal Online/Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI), React, Angular JS, Google Analytics, and emerging technologies.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Upload, update, and maintain electronic web-based applications on Customer SharePoint portal or other websites.
  • Ensure proper internet file compressions, formats, and layouts for rapid loading, correct execution, and high-quality color resolution standards.
  • Draft, implement, and execute formal and informal IM/IT training to installation Customers.
  • Provide training within Customer’s requested timeframe, or when new equipment,
  • software, or features added to existing capabilities.
  • Coordinate, design, and implement and provide training in Microsoft templates for Strategy Research Requirement (SRR) and other student curriculum requests.
  • Setup, configure, maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade web server software and provide web hosting operations and management services.
  • Install, configure, operate, maintain, and administer common user web and portal servers in both a local and cloud-based environment.
  • Utilize an industry standard web application change management process to deploy and maintain web sites, portals, web pages, and customized applications for both a local and cloud- based environment.
  • Monitor systems for disk usage, disk performance, and system performance.
  • Configure operating systems, web, and portal applications for common user servers.
  • Manage user access controls.
  • Apply current operating system patches and security patches for both local and cloud- based systems.
  • Report IA incidents.
  • Operate and maintain web proxy appliances and web proxy servers.
  • Monitor web proxy cache hit rate/disk usage daily performance.
  • Serve as Webmaster and monitor higher headquarters websites, bulletin boards, and fielded guidance for updates on issues affecting Federal Government webmasters and provide updated information to management.
  • Monitor status of all homepages and web applications to ensure compliance with applicable policies and standards.
  • Ensure all modified or new homepages available after completion of public release forms and approval by management and PAO.
  • Assist departmental webmasters to self-maintain sites.
  • Provide academic web support.
  • Support authentication integration with Learning Management System.
  • Support slating and course registration for students, student dashboard, gradebook, and assignments.
  • Maintain Course Catalog application for registrar, transcripts, elective registration, seminar slating.
  • Sustain Student Information System (SIS) to provide directory services for students, BIO Book, Phone book, IMO dashboard, subject matter expertise applications, IT Request (ITR) application, elective selection and registration, user profiles, roles and permissions, and authentication services.
  • Provide assessment hub web support.
  • Support parameters mailing list.
  • Support student research projects.
  • Sustain academic grading system.
  • Support centralized in processing and onboarding; establish student. Edu
  • accounts as part of onboarding student.
  • Administer tools for transferring grades between LMS and SIS.
  • May be required to support DEVOPS for cloud environments. If required:
    • Must possess experience developing code in at least one high-level programming language; building highly automated infrastructures; and administering operating systems.
    • Must possess understanding of modern development and operations processes and methodologies
    • Must have ability to implement and manage continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS.
    • Must have ability to implement and automate security controls, governance processes, and compliance validation.
    • Must have ability to define and deploy monitoring, metrics, and logging systems on AWS.
  • Support provision of cloud-based application updates and maintenance services.
  • Analyze functional user requirements and current system capabilities to establish plan for adjusting system, plan, test, and implement changes to web/database applications.
  • Provide informal functional training and documentation necessary for Customer personnel to effectively utilize automated system.
  • Plan, create, and maintain web pages; must be proficient in a variety of web development/design software applications and content management techniques such as ColdFusion, .Net, SharePoint Online, SharePoint Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI), React, Angular JS and Google Analytics or emerging technologies deemed relevant.
  • Configure and implement Boomi for Application Programming Interface (API) management and integration services as required.
  • User Management: Regularly review and manage user access privileges; create and deactivate user accounts as needed; set up appropriate roles and permissions for different user groups.
  • Integration Monitoring and Management: Monitor status and performance of integrations; set up alerts and notifications for critical issues; review logs and error messages to identify and resolve integration failures; perform regular health checks on integrations.
  • Environment Management: Track Boomi environments; manage environment-specific settings, such as properties and connectors; coordinate deployments and migrations between environments; maintain backup and recovery plans for integrations and configurations.
  • Connector Management: Stay updated with latest Boomi connector versions; evaluate and install new connectors as needed; manage connector configurations and credentials; test and validate connector connectivity periodically.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensure integrations and data transfers are secure; implement appropriate authentication and encryption measures; regularly review and recommend updates for security policies; stay informed about compliance regulations and best practices.
  • Performance Optimization: Analyze integration performance and identify areas for improvement; optimize integration logic and data mapping for efficiency; monitor resource utilization and adjust capacity as needed; utilize Boomi features like caching and parallel processing for performance gains.
  • Upgrades and Patches: Stay informed about latest Boomi releases, updates, and patches; evaluate new features and bug fixes for relevance to environment; plan and schedule upgrades and patches to minimize disruption; test upgrades in non-production environment before applying in production.
  • Documentation and Knowledge Sharing: Maintain up-to-date documentation for integrations and configurations; share knowledge and best practices with team; document troubleshooting steps and resolutions for common issues; provide training and support to users and developers.

Job Category: IT Software Engineering
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Carlisle Barracks
Clearance Level: Interim Secret U.S. Citizenship
Education-Certifications: Associates or Technical Degree (preferred) HS Diploma or GED Web/Application Certifications
Years of Experience: 4+ years

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