Network Administrator – Associate

Role: Network Administrator – Associate

Location: Carlisle Barracks, PA

Education/Certifications: Assoc-Tech degree preferred (not required); Minimum HS Diploma or GED; Relevant Network Certifications

Years of Experience: At least 2 years of relevant work experience

Clearance Level & Investigation: Interim Secret (requires U.S. citizenship)

IA Cert Level (DoD 8570.01): IAT 2

Computing Environment Certifications: Relevant Network Certifications

Job Description:

  • Perform LAN/MAN/WAN management.
  • Install and test network and computer communications equipment.
  • Develop, test, and install network and computer communications software, protocol software.
  • Operate networks.
  • Identify and solve problems.
  • Perform restart/recovery.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Configure and manage various network devices such as Cisco switches, routers, security devices, and Aruba wireless networks components; set up and maintain network infrastructure, ensure smooth operation, and troubleshoot advanced wired and wireless network issues during outage situations.
  • Manage and provide network administration for multiple networks; oversee and maintain different types of networks, such as ISP Commercial, Closed Unclassified, and Closed Classified.
  • Provide secure and confidential network communications.
  • Implement and manage Commercial VPN connectivity and access; configure VPN connections to ensure encrypted and private communication between remote locations and main network infrastructure.
  • Configure, implement, and maintain VPNs for remote connections.
  • Set up and manage VPNs to enable secure remote access to network; configure VPN clients, manage user access rights, and ensure overall security and functionality of VPN connections.
  • Configure and troubleshoot network components, including routers, switches, and firewalls, to ensure proper communication and seamless delivery of IPTV services.
  • Assist in optimizing network performance and troubleshooting network-related issues.
  • Investigate and diagnose technical issues reported by customers related to IPTV service.
  • Identify root causes of network-related problems and work towards resolving issues.
  • Interact with customers directly, either through phone, email, chat, or in-person, to aid and resolve IPTV network issues.
  • Ensure IPTV systems are functioning optimally by performing routine maintenance tasks, such as software updates, firmware upgrades, and system checks.
  • Assist with implementing new features or functionalities.
  • May be required to support networking requirements for cloud services. If required:
    • Must possess professional experience using AWS technology, AWS security best practices, AWS storage options and underlying consistency models, and AWS networking nuances and how they relate to integration of AWS services.
    • Must possess knowledge of advanced networking architectures and interconnectivity options.
    • Must have familiarity with development of automation scripts and tools, including design, implementation, and optimization of routing architectures (including static and dynamic); multi-region solutions for a global enterprise; highly available connectivity solutions.
    • Must have knowledge of CIDR and sub-netting (IPv4 and IPv6); IPv6 transition challenges; and generic solutions for network security features, including AWS WAF, IDS, IPS, DDoS protection, and economic denial of service/sustainability (EDoS).

Job Category: IT Network Administrator
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Carlisle Barracks
Clearance Level: Interim Secret U.S. Citizenship
Education-Certifications: Associates or Technical Degree (preferred) HS Diploma or GED Network Certifications
Years of Experience: 2+ years

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