Information Systems Training Manager

  • Provide oversight for a designated site’s IT team in planning, analysis, design, implementation, and support of web-based e-learning solution that incorporates enterprise-level solutions into a solution based on “best” technologies available.
  • Perform project management tasks associated with work efforts and site-specific projects.
  • Responsible for generating and providing instructor-led training in Blackboard and third-party add-in enhancement software.
  • Assist application development team to build and maintain integrated online training products and FAQs for supported systems.
  • Implement training plan.
  • Create and document training policies and procedures.
  • Provide Blackboard subject matter expertise to manage domains, content collection library, and building blocks.
  • Develop and document processes to identify the best use of Blackboard tools and features for training materials and courseware, and processes to effectively load into Blackboard.
  • Provide staff/faculty training, process improvement, and draft policies and procedures for Blackboard operations.
  • Conduct remote site training, local training sessions, and virtual training sessions on LLC applications.
  • Work with team to create video footage for use in virtual training packages.
  • Build courses in ATRRS to match Blackboard application and accommodate push/pull of student information between systems.
  • Pull limited student rosters from ATRRS, batch-enroll into Blackboard, and assist course managers with process.
  • Pull limited student rosters from school-specific Blackboard application and batch-enroll into ATRRS.
  • Ensure student data consistency between systems.
  • Provide graduation information to course manager and archive student records.
  • Create and maintain system for archive of student records.
  • Perform technical requirements to sustain CCoE LLC in support of Future Force.
  • Provide SME support to maintain and expand capabilities and offerings for resident and online training.
  • Recommend improvements to Student Management databases.
  • Develop forums, discussion groups, and document libraries for collaborative intranet environment, and training materials for academic delivery systems.
  • Maintain records in Student Learning Management databases and submit documentation of support for review.
  • Perform Extension Campus Support and analysis of potential locations.
  • Develop plans and recommendations to improve/correct incompatibilities between content and available tools at extension campus site.
  • Develop methodology for presentation of capabilities to potential VTC locations.
  • Analyze “Unit Universities” content offerings and prepare plans and recommendations to incorporate content items into Digital Library.
  • Work with Accreditation and Evaluation experts to write and execute content standardization plan and describe procedures for acquiring content certification.
  • Maintain and update policies/procedures/guidelines for Unit Commanders and staff to train and support students.
  • Write reports, prepare and deliver briefings, and publish updates on program status.
  • Develop input to school master plans.
  • Capture school-level metrics.
  • Collect data and maintain records for user metrics, system metrics, and resource requirements.
  • Establish link to quality objectives.
  • Recommend Rapid Courseware Development / Maintenance Model (RCDMM) that supports development of TRADOC-compliant courseware in reduced timeframe.
  • Perform COR-approved experimentation with state-of-the-art collaboration tools.
  • Maintain/update SOP to serve as template for other sites.
  • Develop and submit recommendations on evolving education and training concepts for continuous IT education and training at CCoE.
  • Leverage Classroom XXI and Distance Learning assets.
  • Write Extension Campus Implementation Plan and coordinate ongoing projects.
Job Category: Information Technology
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Fort Eisenhower-GA
Clearance Level: TS/Tier 5 (IT Level I)
Education-Certifications: BS DEGREE accepted with additional years of experience IAT Level II MS
Years of Experience: 10+ years (12+ years with BS Degree)

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