Information Assurance Engineer – Intermediate

  • and operation of secure systems.
  • Recommend network and security configurations for running application software. Identify networking, hardware, and common user software issues that affect applications and available alternatives for training processes.
  • Advise on configuration alternatives that affect information assurance and information security.
  • Assist in identification and evaluation of system vulnerabilities.
  • Support generation of training in Blackboard and applicable third-party add-in enhancement software.
  • Assist with secure application development process to build and maintain integrated online training products and FAQs for supported systems.
  • Provide Tier 2 application support including creating and managing domains, enabling/disabling application functionality based on system roles, and creating and documenting policies and procedures.
  • Provide process improvement and draft policies and procedures for secure Blackboard operations.
  • Perform technical computer-related requirements to sustain CCoE LLC in support of Future Force. Maintain FG LLC Infrastructure, including proponents’ training development and production servers; academic content development and management servers; enterprise student-learning database management server; integrated client-server communications; other Development and Testing servers and workstations; software storage and management; software modifications to PC-based Simulations; and Support Desk.
  • Provide SME Support to maintain and expand capabilities and offerings for resident training and online training support.
  • Provide technical software enhancements for Government use in implementation of Digital Libraries supporting storage of simulations and web-based training software databases, consisting of a comprehensive search capability; technical support for Support Desk that assists remote users, direct in-coming calls to SMEs who can assist users with technical problems, and provide other relevant assistance as required.
  • Develop and improve security of Student Management databases and integrate within existing student management capabilities.
  • Support security of links and scripts that pull data into site from various local and Army-level databases, technical support, training to schoolhouses and directorates in developing forums, discussion groups, and document libraries for collaborative intranet environment, training materials for academic delivery systems, and Database Management Cells providing administration of academic content database servers, integrated client-server communications, digital library, expertise for limited modifications of new simulations, and responsibility for testing new simulations for compatibility with existing systems.
  • Responsible for maintaining security of Student Learning Management databases and submit documentation of support for Government review.
  • Support capture of school-level metrics, data, and records that are useful in reporting performance and activities.
  • Collect data and maintain records of time spent using systems, amount of time spent on system by user, time of day use occurs, time taken to modify and post content, percentage of resident vs. non-resident users, number of users trained / training validation, Army Training Help Desk trouble tickets, number of active users on system, and feedback through polls and surveys.
  • Collect data and maintain records of feedback through polls and surveys, system down-time, Time of operation under continuity of operations procedures (COOP), Bandwidth utilization.
  • Collect data and maintain records of manpower resources used to create a knowledge object, instructor-student hours, and resource scheduling.
  • Integrate collaborative systems into LLC design.
  • Maintain/Update LLC SOP to serve as template for other proponents.
  • Develop and submit recommendations on evolving education and training concepts pertaining to continuous IT education and training within CCoE.
  • Support hosting and security of web portals for other proponent schools.
  • Coordinate on-going projects with operational unit, Reserve and National Guard and other units and organizations as required.
Job Category: Information Assurance
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Fort Eisenhower-GA
Clearance Level: TS/Tier 5 (IT Level I)
Education-Certifications: BA/BS Degree (AA Degree accepted with additional experience) IAT Level II
Years of Experience: 5+ years (7 years with AA Degree)

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