Help Desk Support Service Specialist – Associate

  • Supports daily tasks associated with monitoring and answering any questions/trouble calls from users of LLC website, Blackboard Learn™ online courses, or organizational sites, and other student inquiries.
  • Monitors forums and ensures all questions routed to topical SMEs.

Fort Eisenhower Employee:

  • Perform technical computer-related requirements to sustain the Cyber Center of Excellence (CoE) LLC in support of the Future Force.
  • Provide Lifelong Learning Support Desk Capability.
  • Respond to all incoming calls and requests within 4 business hours; address and fix problems and issues within 3 business days.
  • Ensure functionality of LMS enhancements.
  • Assist customers with technical aspects of all systems within LLC and be available during normal business hours and limited after-hours support.
  • Monitor and answer questions and trouble calls from users of LLC website, LMS online courses, PC-based simulations, or other LLC-related functions.
  • Monitor Cyber CoE Army Training Help Desk (ATHD) and local LLC technical support desk to assist Soldiers, staff, faculty, and instructors.
  • Integrate ATHD-established policies and procedures into local LLC support desk functions.
  • Assist with incoming requests and route them appropriately.
  • Provide technical IT support to assist remote or on-site users with technical computer-related problems or direct incoming calls to Government SMEs for other relevant assistance.
  • Provide support for all resident training and online training for Active Army, Reserve Component, and National Guard Bureau courses and training packages hosted on LCMS.
  • Respond to trouble calls, evaluate and analyze compatibility with supported computer configurations, and provide solutions to reported and discerned problems.
  • Maintain Government’s electronic support -ticket log and record all trouble calls, work orders, and oral requests for assistance daily.
  • Provide immediate call-back service support that includes responding to trouble calls, evaluating and analyzing compatibility with supported computer configurations, and providing solutions to reported and discerned problems.
  • Refer technical questions to appropriate technicians and educational questions about courses to appropriate SMEs and staff and faculty members.
  • Provide monthly Metrics reports on numbers and types of trouble calls logged, on-hold, and resolved.
  • Maintain daily work-order log, recording all trouble calls/work orders.
  • Develop and maintain database of all trouble calls.
  • Establish fields in database to track users, dates, questions, actions, solutions, provided technicians/SMEs, and remarks.
  • Provide a query capability to find similar instances/trouble calls.
  • Provide Metrics reports for Government staff and faculty.
  • Capture school-level metrics, Data, and records that are useful in reporting performance and activities.
  • Collect data and maintain records of time spent using systems, amount of time spent on system by user, time of day use occurs, time taken to modify and post content, percentage of resident vs. non-resident users, number of users trained / training validation, Army Training Help Desk trouble tickets, number of active users on system, and feedback through polls and surveys.
  • Collect data and maintain records of feedback through polls and surveys, system down-time, Time of operation under continuity of operations procedures (COOP), Bandwidth utilization.
  • Collect data and maintain records of manpower resources used to create a knowledge object, instructor-student hours, and resource scheduling.
  • Maintain/Update LLC SOP to serve as template for other proponents.
  • Develop and submit recommendations on evolving education and training concepts pertaining to continuous IT education and training within Cyber CoE Regiment.
  • Host web portals for other proponent schools.
  • Leverage Classroom XXI and Distance Learning assets.
  • Write Extension Campus Implementation Plan that establishes procedures and prioritizes units to serve as Extension Campus sites.
  • Coordinate on-going projects with operational unit, Reserve and National Guard and other units and organizations as required.

Fort Leavenworth Employee:

  • Administer the Learning Management System (Blackboard Learn™) in a cloud computing hosted environment in support of all schools associated with CGSC and Army U.
  • Manage and administrate Blackboard Learn™ Web- Based Application and provide advice on best use in support of curriculum management and academic execution.
  • Must be capable of administrating Blackboard Learn™ and associated Blackboard application as future versions are released.
  • Must have at least 3 years’ expertise with Blackboard Learn™ application, SQL database administration, and data import/export using SQL.
  • Support includes, but not limited to, establishing course and domain level administration accounts, creating courses in Blackboard Learn™, managing content collection in Blackboard Learn™, configuring application settings to optimize performance, batch enrolling users into courses, gathering data in response to ad hoc queries, and configuring and maintaining add-on building blocks in Blackboard Learn™.
  • Execute user requests within 3 business days or provide plan of action for completion of tasks requiring more than 72 hours of response time.
  • Provide support desk services for resident, satellite campuses, TASS Battalions, and non-resident courses.
  • Respond to trouble calls, evaluate and analyze compatibility with supported computer configurations, and provide and implement solutions to reported and discerned problems.
  • Update work-order log with issues upon receipt of trouble call via email, phone, or in person.
  • Resolve issue within timely manner or refer to appropriate technician.
  • Report all issues unresolved within 1 business day to COR.
  • Provide weekly reports on total number of issues and monthly reports on total number of issues and types of issues logged, on-hold, and resolved.

Charlottesville Employee:

  • Operate and maintain LLC infrastructure, including coordinating with LLC for software and application maintenance, loading and configuring software patches or updates, performing routine database maintenance, running health checks, conducting server log verifications, and performing overall security checks.
  • Provide input and guidance to technologies, software, and hardware that will enhance and support TJAGLCS LLC mission capabilities.
  • Provide Support to users of online systems and programs associated with TJAGLCS dL Program.
  • Respond to or acknowledge all incoming calls and requests for support within 24 business hours.
  • Resolve or otherwise develop appropriate solution to requests, problems, or issues within 48 business hours
  • Assist with drafting ETDL responses to users requesting waivers and exceptions as described in current ETDL policies and procedures, and recommend changes as needed.
  • In support of Liferay capability, design and implement custom page layouts; configure and customize out-of-box applications / portlets; troubleshoot and resolve issues with Liferay portal; install and test patches provided by Liferay Support; work with individual site owners to ensure applications and patches work correctly; troubleshoot and resolve Liferay portal programming bugs as reported by stakeholders; work with end users to identify and troubleshoot issues associated with Liferay portal and applications; provide documentation and end user training for applications; write documentation that describes installation and operating procedures; perform web application design and development; provide custom portlet design and development; and create rich and interactive web-user experiences within CMS.
  • Create method to organize and track software purchase, licenses, date of Certificate of Networthiness (CON) and expiration of CON.
  • Create method for tracking software loaded on user systems and ensure users have proper tools to create ETDL educational products.
  • Create and update method for tracking software requests made to local G6 and follow up as needed.
  • Assist with scheduling of ETDL provided training and use of training tools.
  • Must have proficiency with following technologies, including but not limited to: SharePoint, Blackboard Learn™, Adobe Presenter, Sonic Foundry Media Site, Respondus, Adobe Captivate, Camtasia, Defense Connect Online, Defense Collaboration System, Liferay, Lotus Notes, various web-building and graphics software and Army systems to include ATRRS, RITMS and SABA; Sharable content object reference model (SCORM) compliance requirements; and application development software for TJAGLCS (such as, Unity, VBS3).
Job Category: Help Desk
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: CHARLOTTESVILLE VA Fort Eisenhower-GA Fort Leavenworth-KS
Clearance Level: Secret/Tier 3 (IT Level II) TS/Tier 5 (IT Level I) - Eisenhower
Education-Certifications: BS Degree (AA Degree or 2-yr Tech School Certificate accepted with 2+ years experience IAT Level II
Years of Experience: <5

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