Database Administrator

  • Administers Blackboard Learn™ SQL database and analysis, design, and creation of new databases.
  • Maintains SQL database for access methods, access time, device allocation, validation checks, organization, protection and security, documentation, and statistical methods.
  • Provides maintenance of database dictionaries, overall monitoring of standards and procedures, and integration of systems through database design.
  • Responsible for quality control and auditing of database to ensure accurate and appropriate use of data.
  • Recommends and develops database strategies to support requirements relating to performance and efficiency of data storage.
  • Responsible for installation and testing of new versions of Database Management System (DBMS) software, application software, and other software for DBMS administration.
  • Provides database security administration, including adding and removing users, administering quotas, auditing, and checking for security problems.
  • Works with Systems Engineer to perform software installations and configure hardware and software to function optimally with SQL database.

Fort Eustis Employee:

  • Maintain Web Portal capability, Support Desk and Digital Library functionality, Student Management (database) and Extension Campus support capability, and content management capabilities that facilitate sustainment of enterprise training centers.
  • Host the enterprise LCMS (Blackboard Learn™).
  • Collect data and maintain records on user metrics, including time of day use occurs, to include periods of peak activity; number of active users on system; end user training conducted; total number of courses on Fort Eustis LLC Bb system; total number of users on system; number of courses per Domain on system; number of students per Domain on system; Training Help Desk trouble tickets; feedback through polls and surveys; current configuration change requests; other requirements as identified.
  • Collect data and maintain records on system metrics, including system down-time; time of operation under continuity of operations procedures; bandwidth utilization; and other requirements as identified.
  • Collect data and maintain records for manpower resources used to create knowledge objects or system enhancements; instructor-student hours to deliver end user training for Fort Eustis LLC system applications; resource scheduling; and other requirements as identified.

Fort Leavenworth Employee:

  • Administer the Learning Management System (Blackboard Learn™) in a cloud computing hosted environment in support of all schools associated with CGSC and Army U.
  • Manage and administrate Blackboard Learn™ Web- Based Application and provide advice on best use in support of curriculum management and academic execution.
  • Must be capable of administrating Blackboard Learn™ and associated Blackboard application as future versions are released.
  • Must have at least 3 years’ expertise with Blackboard Learn™ application, SQL database administration, and data import/export using SQL.
  • Support includes, but not limited to, establishing course and domain level administration accounts, creating courses in Blackboard Learn™, managing content collection in Blackboard Learn™, configuring application settings to optimize performance, batch enrolling users into courses, gathering data in response to ad hoc queries, and configuring and maintaining add-on building blocks in Blackboard Learn™.
  • Execute user requests within 3 business days or provide plan of action for completion of tasks requiring more than 72 hours of response time.
  • Configure, operate, and maintain education resources data storage for leader development and education in support of Customer process.
  • Responsible for storing, organizing, and providing accessibility of data through networked capacities via LAN connection and web-based remote connections; content format types include, but not limited to, streaming media, flash/HTML5 media, and electronic documents stored either on Government SAN hardware or cloud-based services provided by or leased by Government.
  • Integrate LMS database (Blackboard Learn™) with CGSC SMS database.
  • Provide student grades and Blackboard Learn™ course data in digital format to be synchronized with SMS at least twice per day.
  • Provide data for import into SQL Database.
  • Provide Database Administration for Legacy SMS in support of client schools of business analysis, administration training, and technical support.
  • Provide database management and administration services for Legacy SMS to Academic & Technology Support Directorate (ATSD), supporting all schools under CGSC and other schools as determined by Army U. and ATSD.
  • Responsible for configuration, operation, maintenance, refinement, updating, applying Security Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIGs), and security of database servers and SMS Database.
Job Category: Database
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Fort Eustis - VA Fort Leavenworth
Clearance Level: Secret
Education-Certifications: BS IAT Level II MS
Years of Experience: 10+

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